Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mel's View On Saige

Hey guys. It's 2013. Blah. SOOO yeah there's a new star in AGville, huh? Her name is Saige Copeland. I think the made a's supposed to be Melanie Thonpson! Hello, AG! Your Girl Of The Year is right here!! I mean, come on. I'm a talented musician who moved away from her home to Florida. Is that not a worthy storyline?! Ohh Saige, she has long curly red hair, and "bright" blue eyes...I have curly red hair too! And come on! Hazel eyes are wayyy better than blue! Less common! And sure she rides horses...I can sing! Ha! Raising money for school? TRYING TO GET FAMOUS! My story is way more important...but whatever.

Hope you enjoyed my little rant,


  1. I don't mind you ranting Don't worry. ;)

  2. Just wait till'll be in the spotlight! :D Well, you deserve to be (;

  3. Thanks guys! SOMEONE Agrees! Everyone in Sonnievylle is telling me its not gonan happen but it WILL! ~Mel


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