Thursday, January 10, 2013


WOOOP WOOP PARTY YEAH YEAH wait where's the music? hmmmm...Can you bring the food? Oh what's the occasion you ask?? OH well I guess I forgot to tell you....I'M HERE VOILA! Oh who are you you ask???

^That gal! My name's Sequoia and I have lots and lots and lotttttts of friendzies! And I love to party and celebrate everything! Well not the sad stuff but you get the idea! My friends say I'm awesome at making parties! :D I looove to have fun and parties are sooooo funnn!!
So yeah that's me! Can I be your friend?


P.S. Do you like my signature? Emma from Delightfullness Designs made it!!


  1. Hi Autumn, that's hilarious, my name's Autumn too! Ha ha, very funny.Could you please check my blog out!



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