Friday, February 1, 2013

Sequoia Meets The Gang

Here's what happened when I met everyone!!

*Sequoia Walks in*

Seqouia: HEYYYLOOO I'M Sequoia!! Will anyone here be my friend??
*Mel looks in*
Mel: Ughhh ANOTHHER doll?! ugh, I'm gonna go take a nap :/
*Mel goes to her room*
*Jennette comes in*
Jennette: What's all of this racket? I'm trying to do homework! *turns to Sequoia* Oh, hi! Who are you?
Sequoia: I'm Sequoia! I'm new and I want some friends!
Jennette *muttering to herself* mom got another doll? she just got two... Oh cool! I'm Jennette, but you can call me Jenni.
Sequoia: Okay! Yay I have a friend now :))) OH OH CAN WE HAVE AP APRTY? OH I LOVE PARTIES I LOVE TO PARTY!!!!! *starts dancing*
Jenette: *stops her* Um...we'll see xD
*They walk out of the room and go into the study hall area where Cae and Mari are*
Mari: Aaah! Monster!
Jennette: *facepalm*
Cae: Mari, chill. It's just a girl! You are a girl, right?
Sequoia: Maybe I'm a girl! Or maybe I'm a horse! Or a dog? A cat? h I don't know aymore!! *starts runnign around frantically*
Mari: Aah I don't know either!! *runs around frantically*
*Mari and Sequoia freeze*
Jennette: *facepalm*
Jennette: Cae, Mari, this is Sequoia. A girl. She's new.
Cae: *muttering to herself* but mom just got two dolls... Oh ok! See, Mari? Everythings fine.
Mari: But everything isn't fine!! Aah aaah AAHHH!!! *runs to her room*
Sequoia: *turns to Jennette* Now can we have a partayy?????
Jennette: We still have people to meet! The, other, new-ish...people.
Sequoia: Awww...
*They walk to the playground/backyard area*
Archer: So how's your new song going, Rosie?
Rosie: Good. I just need a bridge and I'll be done!
*Sequoia and Jennette come in*
*Rosie squeals and hides behind Archer*
Jennette: *facepalm*
Archer: Rosie, it's okay, it's just a girl (he says in a soothing voice)
*Rosie slowly comes out of hiding*
Sequoia: Hi I'm Sequoia and I want some friends!!
*Rosie goes back into hiding*
Archer: Hi Sequoia, I'm Archer and this is Rosie.
*Archer mouths "she's really shy" to Sequoia*
Sequoia (whispering): Oh. Hi Rosie, I'm Sequoia.
*Rosie comes out from behind Archer*
Rosie: Hi...
Jennette: Okay! Have we met everyone? Let's see...Me, Cae, Mari, Rosie, Archer...oh! Mel!
Sequoia: Was she that redhead with glasses? She saw me, growled and left.
Jennette: That's not a proper introduction! Let's go find her!
*They walk to Mel's dorm*
Jennette: knock knock!
(No answer.)
*Jennette opens the door*
(Mel is sleeping on the couch)
Jenette (whispering): Ok. Mel's asleep.
Sequoia: Ooh can we have a party now???
Everyone: SSSSHHHHHHH!!!!
Cae: That's not a bad idea.
Jennette: It'll wake her up, but..she'll be pretty angry...
Cae: She's always angry :P
Jennette: Ok, Quoi, we'll have a party. Go get some music.
*Sequoia grabs a Taylor Swift CD*
Sequoia: (whispering): OK. do I put it in now?
Jennette: Yeah.
*Sequoia puts it in, and turns the volume way up*
*Rosie winces and hides behind Archer's back*
*One Direction blasts through the boardomg school*
*Mel screams and falls off her bed*
*Rosie squeals*
Sequoia: Hiya Mel! i'm Sequoia wil lyou be my friend too??
Mel: NO.
Sequoia: Pleeaaaassseeee?
Sequoia: Awwwww.....oh well....*starts dancing*
*everyone starts dancing except Mel*
Jennette: This is gonna be great on the blog!
~~~and now we're at the present time~~~
Sequoia: Too late! XD

Thursday, January 10, 2013


WOOOP WOOP PARTY YEAH YEAH wait where's the music? hmmmm...Can you bring the food? Oh what's the occasion you ask?? OH well I guess I forgot to tell you....I'M HERE VOILA! Oh who are you you ask???

^That gal! My name's Sequoia and I have lots and lots and lotttttts of friendzies! And I love to party and celebrate everything! Well not the sad stuff but you get the idea! My friends say I'm awesome at making parties! :D I looove to have fun and parties are sooooo funnn!!
So yeah that's me! Can I be your friend?


P.S. Do you like my signature? Emma from Delightfullness Designs made it!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Isn't The Design Divine?

I hope you agree! One of my mom's awesome friends made it! Hehe!

Now go follow Mandy from Sweet and Simple Blog Designs! And ask her for an order ;) And while you're at it, go follow her other blog, Mandy's Musings!! :)

~Sequoia (whom you will learn more about later)

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Ugghhh. My mom s Even after my rant about Girl Of The Year 2013, my mom buys her. I just can't believe it! I can't believe my mom would DO such a thing! Ugh! I'm so upset...I thought I was mom's favorite! And as her favorite, she wouldn't get dolls that her favorite doesn't like, right? ugh. Apparently wrong. I shouldn't have expected so much from her. Because for sure she isn't going to get it for me.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Glasses all...went to the eye doctor today...and were tested for glasses...Melanie doesn't need them....anymore....but I I got glasses.... What do you think?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mel's View On Saige

Hey guys. It's 2013. Blah. SOOO yeah there's a new star in AGville, huh? Her name is Saige Copeland. I think the made a's supposed to be Melanie Thonpson! Hello, AG! Your Girl Of The Year is right here!! I mean, come on. I'm a talented musician who moved away from her home to Florida. Is that not a worthy storyline?! Ohh Saige, she has long curly red hair, and "bright" blue eyes...I have curly red hair too! And come on! Hazel eyes are wayyy better than blue! Less common! And sure she rides horses...I can sing! Ha! Raising money for school? TRYING TO GET FAMOUS! My story is way more important...but whatever.

Hope you enjoyed my little rant,

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Gals & Guy...basic updates

Hey guys & gals! It's Jen! I wanna tell you what's been up with us dolls. :P
So, there's been lots of preparation for the holidays at Sonnievylle! We've been too busy to post! Sorry 'bout that! And our Christmas has come late, because our mom hasn't gotten our Christmas presents yet (thannnnks mom....~Mel) since...well you'll see!
So, we have a few new bloggers at this place, hence the new name & header! Here they are!

Mel: Hey it's Melanie! Our place has been extra busy so this post is to explain--
Jen: Mel I've already exlpained....
Mel: THANKS for ruining my opening! *sigh*
Jen: Anyways.... you might know some of Mom's other dolls, Cae and Mari. Mel's finally let them join the blog.
Mel: I let them, okay?!
Jen: Just ignore her, guys...
Cae: Mel you're so annoying. -_- I'd rather be playing basketball. But ughhh you made me do this, so whatever. I'm Caelin, I'm 16, blah blah blah...Can I go now?
Jen: No! We're not done here!
Jen: Mari, it's your turn.
Mari: Oh, sorry. I was confused...I'm Mari and I'm from France...I miss my family but the America is okay...I like to read and I babysit a toddler, his name is Ace.
Jen: Are you done???
Mari: oh. Yeah.
Jen: Okay...I'm losing my patience...who's next?! Oh it's Rosie.
Rosie: Hi....I'm Rosie....I uh...I like to write...
Archer: C'mon Rosie it's can speak.
Rosie: um...I'm 14....I like to write....songs...and....poems....and books....
Archer: I think she's done. I'm Archer and I'm a boy doll. I am 15 years old and I love to have friends. My best friend is Hope Carter, who I have a strange relationship with, and I have a girlfriend. :)
Rosie: *blushes*
Archer: Anyways, Jen you can take it away. I'm done. :)
Jen: Okay. to the Gals & Guy page to learn more! Thanks for reading! Adios!