Sunday, January 6, 2013


Ugghhh. My mom s Even after my rant about Girl Of The Year 2013, my mom buys her. I just can't believe it! I can't believe my mom would DO such a thing! Ugh! I'm so upset...I thought I was mom's favorite! And as her favorite, she wouldn't get dolls that her favorite doesn't like, right? ugh. Apparently wrong. I shouldn't have expected so much from her. Because for sure she isn't going to get it for me.



  1. Kit wishes to say something!

    K: Hey I didn't want Rebecca to be moms newest doll but now she is and soon to be MOLLY ugh....

  2. I understand you Mel! My human is really wanting Saige and I'm really mad because I HATE SAIGE! Well, I kinda have to be nice to my human, because we're in a play together and she has to take me to practice every day.

  3. Aww...
    We just followed your blog. We love it! It has a really cute header :)
    Please check our blog:
    ~Meg and the dolls of innerstar central~


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