Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Gals & Guy...basic updates

Hey guys & gals! It's Jen! I wanna tell you what's been up with us dolls. :P
So, there's been lots of preparation for the holidays at Sonnievylle! We've been too busy to post! Sorry 'bout that! And our Christmas has come late, because our mom hasn't gotten our Christmas presents yet (thannnnks mom....~Mel) since...well you'll see!
So, we have a few new bloggers at this place, hence the new name & header! Here they are!

Mel: Hey it's Melanie! Our place has been extra busy so this post is to explain--
Jen: Mel I've already exlpained....
Mel: THANKS for ruining my opening! *sigh*
Jen: Anyways.... you might know some of Mom's other dolls, Cae and Mari. Mel's finally let them join the blog.
Mel: I let them, okay?!
Jen: Just ignore her, guys...
Cae: Mel you're so annoying. -_- I'd rather be playing basketball. But ughhh you made me do this, so whatever. I'm Caelin, I'm 16, blah blah blah...Can I go now?
Jen: No! We're not done here!
Jen: Mari, it's your turn.
Mari: Oh, sorry. I was confused...I'm Mari and I'm from France...I miss my family but the America is okay...I like to read and I babysit a toddler, his name is Ace.
Jen: Are you done???
Mari: oh. Yeah.
Jen: Okay...I'm losing my patience...who's next?! Oh it's Rosie.
Rosie: Hi....I'm Rosie....I uh...I like to write...
Archer: C'mon Rosie it's can speak.
Rosie: um...I'm 14....I like to write....songs...and....poems....and books....
Archer: I think she's done. I'm Archer and I'm a boy doll. I am 15 years old and I love to have friends. My best friend is Hope Carter, who I have a strange relationship with, and I have a girlfriend. :)
Rosie: *blushes*
Archer: Anyways, Jen you can take it away. I'm done. :)
Jen: Okay. to the Gals & Guy page to learn more! Thanks for reading! Adios!

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