Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Overvview of October 2nd, 2012 ~Melanie~

OK. So, today was an eh day. until this evening!

I woke up with an idea in my head. I knew one of my best friends-Lilah, had a blog. I knew other people who had them too. But today, I realized-I wanted one. I asked my mom, she said. maybe. Maybe. Like always -_- Then of course I had to sit through seemingly ENDLESS classes. I couldn't pay attention, one bit. Even at lunch--I couldn't even pay attention to what my friends were saying. I was too busy planning my blog. Then when I came home, she finally said YESSS!!! But-I had to share it with Jennette. I was fine with that, since we're good friends, and sisters. I was pretty psyched-since- well, you know.

And, voila! Here I am!


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